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 its me love

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PostSubject: its me love   Wed 11 May - 12:06

ok, so i have been here for a little and yeah, most of the people who get on all the time know me. but i might as well talk about my bad self. i am from Cardiff, and yes, i am a brit. Cardiff is a part of whales, Britain, uk. my favorite shows are as follows.
1:doctor who. mostly with the actor david tennant. even though he was going to choose david brandon, i think tennant is better. now, on words and so on. well, my birthday is in about a month and i will be going back to Cardiff for that.
2:torchwood with captain jack harkness. even though he is a yank in the series, i like him. he is kind of good looking.
3:the SYFY series, Sanctuary. DR. magnus is so much better then that yank, oh, whats his name? OH! Chuck norris.
well, thats about it. so yeah. good luck. and no! i will not say it. [by it i mean pip pip and cheerio.]]
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its me love
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