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 Another World

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Kayla Catch

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PostSubject: Another World   Fri 22 Jun - 21:17

On the planet of Saltu, humans have set up a small colony of around 200 people mostly comprised of scientists and military personnel. Much of the research on the planet has been done by high tech rovers. Human have only lived on it for ten years with new colonists coming on ships every two years. Families will be coming on the next shipment.

The world is 85% water but the total land mass equals more than that on Earth. The land is mostly a jungle-like habitat, varying depending on the region. Along with the alien plants, there are many small creatures living on the planet most of which are herbivores. The predators that have been cataloged tend to avoid humans and technology.

Still, much is unknown about the world. Survey teams are sent out regularly to observe the environment and report new findings.
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Another World
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