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 What a surprise!

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Sterling Blade
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Roleplay God

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PostSubject: What a surprise!   Thu 1 Dec - 12:46

After all this time, this place yet lives. That actually makes me quite happy. I'm posting here because well, a lot of crazy crap has happened since my last visit. I have a job(technically three, but the other two don't count, more on that in a bit). I work at wal-mart. Yes, the soul-sucking corporate paradise of capitalism. Rolling Eyes

I've also been sucked into the universe of New Eden by the game EVE Online where I am the CEO of an ingame corporation, and a Director for a small alliance of corporations. Fun stuff right?

Well, I'll be semi-active on here again hopefully, as its so far the last place that I have friends left from the old Max-Dan-Wiz roleplay groups, even if I haven't connected with them in a couple of years.

So yeah, that's my recap, and I hope to see you all around, and fly safe.
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What a surprise!
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