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 Slave (saves for j)

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Roleplay God
Roleplay God

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PostSubject: Slave (saves for j)   Mon 11 Apr - 10:29

It's auction time again, and the newest batch of new slaves are getting ready to be sold to their masters. All of us were dressed the same; hair tied back and wearing a plain white dress. A few girls were brought up before me. Soon, it was my turn. I was anxious to see who would buy me.

Name: Aria
Age: 18
Looks: long black hair, green eyes, petite
Other: human and slave
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j angel13
Roleplay God
Roleplay God

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21/21  (21/21)

PostSubject: Re: Slave (saves for j)   Mon 11 Apr - 10:48

Age: I stopped counting track 200 years ago.
Looks: caramel colored skin, white eyes, muscular average
Other:immortal and master
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Slave (saves for j)
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