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 The Ancient Magus Bride - My thoughts

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PostSubject: The Ancient Magus Bride - My thoughts   Wed 27 Jan - 20:27

This has been copy and pasted from my deviantart page since there's no point rewriting my thoughts XD
The only clarification i'll make is only the first 3 volumes are in English, the fourth releases April 12 in English


Well, i've finally finished reading the currently available chapters for this manga. Gotta say, the artwork for it is beautiful. The characterization and world building is impressive too. I can't wait to read more, i'm buying the current 4 volumes when I get paid next week. All this series needs is some fanfiction ;-; I need it to keep me entertained until March. It's rare I like a series so much that i'm willing to buy physical copies of it. I'm a cheap ass XD

If you want to read it, here's a link>

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The Ancient Magus Bride - My thoughts
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