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 runs into forum

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Number of posts : 234
Age : 23
Credits : 10453
Registration date : 2013-03-26

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RPG Name: luffy chapple
Group: Super Sayen
21/21  (21/21)

PostSubject: runs into forum   Tue 26 Mar - 5:39

OWWW! that really hurt, but i guess while im here...

Hi my name is Zac, but you can just call me chapple, i was looking for a zombie rp on a hot night and a friend told me about this website Very Happy so im pretty happy. Im hoping i can make friends with lots of people here and have a great time :3

If you want to know anything about me... well here it is once only Very Happy

I like anime and anything that looks kawaii :3 anime keeps me entertained in the long nights and iguess its pretty inspirational to me in a way, it makes me what to become something with my life and follow some of the characters traits in a way.

I am 6"3 yes i know very tall i get it every day "hows the weather up there young man" "pretty good sir i think i can see the ocean view from here".
I am 17 turning 18 this year, hopefully getting enrolled into the military Very Happy shall be fun until i have to put hard work in xD.
I am friendly and always up for a chat Smile so just send me a random inbox when ever Smile
I like food and lots of it Very Happy for a 76kg giant i love my food cant get enough of it, always engulfing plates of food if i can Smile
Im always open to other rps if someone would like to explain the plot too me Smile so just ask me and i shall question the rp
I guess thats all you want to hear about me,so i should stop talking and go put some ice on my head from the smashed head from this forum.

Anyways everyone have fun stay safe and keep role playing till you cant role play no more and your fingers come off and you have to eat them
love just thatthatguyzac aka Luffy aka Chapple Smile
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runs into forum
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