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 All Hope Is Gone

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PostSubject: All Hope Is Gone   Wed 12 Dec - 20:33

This is based off my only good and popular roleplay. Started writing it for a class and i enjoyed it so im going to continue, this is what i have so far. im not good at writing so... yeah. and i used a premade start that the teacher gave, and i dont have that on here. Basically Elli was going to school, but felt like she was being followed or something was wrong, someone wrap their arm around her and thats where it starts)

Even though the gesture seemed companionably friendly, Ellie stiffened, ready to cry out in fear. She looked over, saw the face attached to the arm, and froze in place. There was a guy there, around her age. His face was pale and his nose was busted open, he looked like he was just in a fight.

“Keep walking, please, and don’t make a sound,” He said almost silently as he ushered her forward. “I’m trying to get away from these…” he was silent for a moment, “People who are following me. I’m terribly sorry for involving you but I will get out of here as soon as I can.” He looked over his shoulder, his arm still over Ellie’s shoulders. When Ellie tried to follow suit and look behind her, the guy made a sound, sort of warning her not to. She complied, nervously continuing to walk towards her school.

“Who are you?” Ellie asked nervously, looking over at him, “Who are you trying to get away from?”

“My name is William Goodnight, but you can call me Will.” He said, figuring he could trust her with his name, at the least. He was trying to get away from demons, legitimate demons. He could see past their human form, he lived with these things for years. Plus the fact being a demon, well half-demon, himself, he could see past them anyway.

William Goodnight is-was a prince. But not a prince of this world, he was the prince of Hell, as in he was the son of Satan. Williams’s father was Satan, his mother, now diseased, was a human. Instead of being what most would call him the Anti-Christ, he is pretty much the exact opposite. He was one of few demons that aren’t completely evil, maybe it was the human in him. He certainly didn’t know. Why was he on Earth, instead of Hell? William was banished from Hell; his father wanted him to be a part of taking the planet Earth by force, and William refused. The refusal… didn’t go well for Will. His father nearly struck him down in anger, nearly killing him.

‘He should have, it would have saved his future’ Will thought to himself as he and Ellie neared the school. Ellie looked over at Will, oddly concerned for this stranger.

“Shouldn’t you get your nose looked at?” She asked quietly, looking at him with concern. He responded by shaking his head, no. She sighed and grabbed his arm, leading him into the school before he could pull away. “I’m taking you to the schools nurse, she will get you fixed up, and I doubt whoever is looking for you will try to look for you here.” Will readied to refuse but sighed nodding. The nurse could clean the blood up, but his nose was already healing. Of course, there would be no way to explain that without shouting out that he was half-demon, with extraordinary healing abilities.

Ellie dragged Will towards the nurse’s office, the student lingering in the hall looking at them curiously. Ellie just ignored them and opened the door for Will, who walked in silently. “Nurse, can you help Will? I think he broke his nose.” Ellie told her. The school nurse looked at Will, her eyes darkening.

“Sure,” she replied, “Give me a moment.” She walked into a different room, branching off of her office, and closed the door, leaving Ellie and Will locked out. The nurse smiled wickedly, pulling out a cell phone from a drawer and dialing a number. “He is here at the high school.” She spoke into the phone, her voice not sounding human.

Will sighed waiting, he just wanted to get out of here, but Ellie wouldn’t let him leave and the nurse was slower than a melting stick of butter down a grassy hill. He tapped his foot impatiently, Ellie sitting there smiling and looking around. “What are you so happy about?” He asks a little rudely in his impatience. Before she could reply, Will heard something outside of the nurse’s office, his acute hearing picking up murmurs of confusion. Will stands up and peaks out the door window, seeing the human disguised demons coming toward the Nurses office. William cursed under his breath, Guess my cover is about to be blown, he thinks to himself. “Ellie, stay hidden, understand?” Will looked at her, knowing she would be confused, which she was. But she nodded her agreement and went to hide. Will thought for a second, there was no way those Elites would have been able to find him without some help, but how? There wasn’t enough time to think about it, though he had a vague idea. He crouched down beside the down near the door, waiting.

The door started to open and he brace to attack the demons, as the door opened, he allowed one to walk by him and he sprung up, swinging his forearm into the Elite’s throat with enough force to crush a normal humans throat, but to the Elite it was like a normal punch. It took a few steps back, coughing; Will spun and smashed his fist into the other Elite’s face. It fell, hitting its head against the corner of the desk, splitting the human analog skin open, showing part of the demons true skin underneath. Ellie watched wide eyed as the Elite who fell muttered in a different language, it sounded evil in nature.

Will had the second Elite down on the ground and was stomping away, trying to at least knock it out before the first Elite got back up to attack again. It wasn’t going to work; he wasn’t as strong in his human form. The most he could do was conjure fire to his aid, but he didn’t want to risk hurting someone. He thought he had enough energy to teleport away, the Elites would surely follow him, and then he could morph and destroy them.

Ellie’s head snapped to the door to the back of the clinic when it opened. What came out of the room wasn’t the schools nurse, not by a long shot. What came out looked totally different than the nurse; her skin was dark red, burnt like, brighter red lines throughout her exposed skin marked where ichor ran through her veins. Her wardrobe was black, and looked like she was prepared for war. Maybe she was. Ellie was frozen in fear. “Who are you?” She asked trembling.

“My name is Lucrezia, spawn of the Greater Demon Lillith.” She said to Ellie with a bored expression, her focus wasn’t on the mortal girl. Her focus was the banished prince of Hell. Will upon hearing Lucrezia speak, turned and looked wide eyed.

“Well, I didn’t think I would be fighting a powerful of demon as you. I know of you, I’ve heard your name around in the Inner City.” He said watching her carefully, tensed for an attack from her or the two Elites. Lucrezia chuckles a little as Will watched her, she knew he wouldn’t transform into his true demon form in the middle of a school full of mortal teens. She thought him as weak. Lucrezia started towards Will, a wicked looking blade appearing in her hand. Ellie’s eyes widen and she gets up, thinking she would be able to do something. She grabs Lucrezia just as she grabbed William. Lucrezia teleported all of them away just as they all grabbed one another.

They appeared in a desert, all but Ellie landing on their feet. Ellie was gasping for air; she didn’t know what and what not to do during a teleportation. Will immediately kicked the blade out of Lucrezia’s hand and landed another spin kick into her stomach, this hardly affected the demoness though. She simply looked at Will and tapped his head with her finger, causing him to fly back rapidly into the side of a large rock. The object crumbled as Will collided with it. He cursed and groaned in pain as he stood back up. Lucrezia picked up her knife again and started walking towards him.
Will growled as he started to morph into a different form. Ellie, a few hundred feet away, watched with horror as the ground around him started crumbling. His skin started to smolder, and he yelled as his whole boy caught flame and energy being shot out from him. Lucrezia looked worried now, she wasn’t stupid, and she knew how powerful he can be in his true form. Will stepped out of the pyre on the ground and stared at Lucrezia. His skin was charred black, darker than hers, his hair was black and looked longer than it had, his skin was transparent, his skull visible.

“You made a mistake, daughter of Lillith.” His voice was sickly sweet, and menacing at the same time. “You will pay for attacking me and my friend here.” Lucrezia took a step back and barred her teeth, which also morphed from her human form into sharp spikes. Will looked away from her to the Elites standing farther away. Will looked at them with a blank expression and snapped his fingers. One burst into a tower of blue fire, his screams echoing through the rocky desert. He looked at the other one, his eyes boring into Elites. The demons face twitched as he started to feel pain, then as it escalated the Elite gripped his head screaming in agony until he died from pain overload. Both corpses disintegrated, returning to Hell where they would just be brought back to life by Satan, to keep his army maintained. Will looked at Lucrezia and says, “You knew of my power, and now you have witnessed it. Yet you stay there. I don’t know whether you’re ignorant or stupid.”

Lucrezia made an attempt to come back but gave up, closing her eyes tight for a moment before charging at Will, who just stared at her as she ran towards him. She eventually slowed, even though she was still trying to run full speed. Will, using his mind, had frozen her in place. Once he did, he walked over taking the knife out of her hand. After inspecting it he looked at her, “Demon metal? I haven’t seen a demon metal blade in a long, long time. You know, demon metal is poisonous to us. But of course you know that.” He says casually before looking at her with concentrated anger. He brings his arm back with blade in hand before sinking it into the demoness’ stomach and releasing the control he had keeping her frozen in place. She fell to the ground and groaned in pain, the poison of the demon blade going through her veins.

Will turned to look at Ellie, who was pale as a ghost as she backs away from him. Will just followed, slowly transitioning back into his human form. He raised his hands slowly, “I won’t hurt you okay? That’s not how I roll.” He slows down and sighs. “I guess when you were headed to school you didn’t expect to get in the middle of a fight between four demons huh?”

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All Hope Is Gone
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