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PostSubject: BlazBlue   Sat 27 Oct - 21:50

Okay lemme explain this first.

BlazBlue is a two-dimensional (2D) fighting game with numerous interesting characters. IT follows the storis and lives of these characters and their struggles with the world they live in. BlazBlue takes place in Kagustsuchi, a moutain city.

The reason Kagusuchi and MANY other cities are in the mountains is because in the game, 100 years ago, a being was released known to be The Black Beast, which basically killed everything in sight. This beast was cimbatted by humans and other beings yet was undefeatable, even with Armagus and a magic known as Ar Magus (the form of power formed by magic AND science). Then, the Six Heros, Jubei, Teruki Yuuki, Huku-men, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Trinity, and Nine the Great Sorceress, all rose to fight the beast. They won with the help of the deceased Bloodedge.

{SPOILERS}One hundred years later, a character named Ragna showed up and lost his right arm to Terumi, and had it replaced with a thing known as the Azure Grimoire. A Grimoire is the source of Ars Magus, and comes in many different forms, from Ragna's arm to even a book.

Now on to the characters.

Ragna the Bloodedge: Ragna is tall, semi-pale man dress in a red coat and long baggy pants. He is easy to identify for his common scowl, snowy white hair that sticks up, and the large sword he carries with him. He is curt, crude, and often tells people to get out of his way. He is of the kisragi family, a familyp of mercenaries in the Duodecim. He is Jin Kisaragi's "brother" and is friends with Taokaka, and a woman named Nu. Terumi, Kokonoe, and pretty much everyone else is his enemy. His fighting style relies on health drainging attacks and ones that can cover a large area in a small amount of time. His master is Jubei.

Noel Vermillion: Noel is a young, thin, blonde haired female with a bit of a clumsy side. She is often picked on by other characters for being a ditz and having a flat chest (which destroys her confidence when brought up). She is also the True Successor of the Azure Grimoire [SPOILERS], and in Continuum Shift 2, becomes Mu-12, the Murakumo unit Kusanagi. She is close friends with Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Jin Kisaragi. She is employed under the Npovids Orbis Librarium as Jin's secretary and as a Lt. in the Thaumaturgical Squadron. She is dressed in thigh-legnth stockings and a somewhat revealing uniform that seems to be fan service worthy. Her fighting style relies on her guns, Nox Nyctores Bolverk. Also, don;t let her cook for you unless you have an iron stomach and nuumb tongue! And steel teeth.

Taokaka: Taokaka is a young(?) woman with no true background. She has a childish mindset and has very few focuses, one being food, one being Ragna, and one... being woman's breasts. Se has a perverted side where she will willinly grope any well-endowed female's breasts like a kitten. She is dressed in a large jacket and a mask, with large paws on the jacket that she uses for combat and for hiding her razor-sharp claws. She also is complete with a cat tail that sways like it usually would. Within Tao's mind, the world is a large, wonderful place.

She is friends with Ragna, Litchi Faye-Ling, Torakaka, Jubei, BAng Shishigami, and Carl Clover. She is knwon for her hilariousness and cuteness. Her fighting style is that of a cat, using her claws to slice her opponents to ribbons.

Litchi Faye-Ling: A woman with rather... large... assets. She is smart, lovely, and has medical knowledge, hence her job as doctor. She works and lives in Orient Town, managing a small clinic open to anyone to visit for a price. Taokaka is her most common customer and pupil. and her assistant Lin-Hua lives with her. In battle, she changes from her work clothes (a waitress looking dress) to rather revealing red clothes made for showing off what she was given in terms of DNA. She also wields a staff called Matenbou that she will place, use to fling herself to her opponent, and attack her opponent in several different styles. Her fighting style is versatile.

She is allies with Kokonoe, Tager, and was the lover of Arakune. She also loves dressing up, and has a small panda that sits in her hair.

Iron Tager: A literal giant mass of muscle, Tager is speculated to be in his mid 30s. He is about 9 feet tall, and weighs about 5 tons, with red skin and a serious loyalty to Kokonoe. Because of his mass, he is unable to move very fast, perform and Aerial or Ground dash, or Double Jump. His fists are full of magnetizers, of which when you are hit by him, (if you survive) he can pull you towards him using magnetism. His msucles are his most noticable feature. He is loyal to a woman named Kokonoe, and is her guardian WALL of mechanical human. He is dressed in just a skin tight suit, large pants, and metal plantes on his pants. He is Kokonoe's right hand man, and friends with Litchi. His fighting style is throw-heavy and his strength is more than formidable.

Nu-13/Lambda-11: A cyborg girl with serious power. She is a murakumo unit made some scientists, and is also Ragna's friend. She has 8 swords floating behind her back that will tears into you when you are struck by them. Nu-13 is more human than her later counterpart, showing high speed, skill, and power. Later, she becomes Lambda-11 at Kokonoe's hands (spoilers). She has decreased spped, power, and humanity. She has no memories of when she was Nu, and thus forgot Ragna. She is more machine than human then.

Lambda is dressed in a skin tight body suit with mechanical leg covers, and blades on her arms. She has long blonde hair. Nu has an eye patch, and is dressed in light blue Murakumo wear. She has a masisve blade behind her that become her swords. They are Ragna's friend, Koknoe's puppet, and known to be seen to Hazama as pests. They fight using numerous skills involving the blades they have.

Terumi "Hazama" Yuuki: The green haired madman that is one of the Six Heros, and possessor of the Nox Nyctores Ouroboros, a snake chain that can affect one's emotions directly. He is the Captain of the Novis Orbis Librarium's Intelligence branch, and is superior to Makoto Nanya and anyone below him. Because of his job, he has a vast amount of knowledge, and is the creator of the BlazBlue (how the game got its name, lol). He has green hair, yellow eyes, and grin that is glued on forever, until he goes insane on ou, then it becomes a smirk. He is often clad in a black suit, very formal and calm looking, and has a hat on.

When he uses the power of BlazBlue, his hat often will fly off and his hair will stand up. He is unknown in age, and also a phantom that feeds on hatred. For him, the more haters, the better. He has no friends except Relius Clover, and numerous enemies. His fighting style is powerful hits with knives, kicks, light punches, and reliance on Ouroboros.

Tsubaki Yayoi: A lovely red head with blue eyes as deep as the ocean. She is in the NOL's Wings of Justice: Zero Squadron, and is often seen as a killer for what the Wings of Justivce do. She wields the Ars Armus known as Izayoi, which sucks the light from anything, even its wielder, and makes the wielder go blind. Tsubaki is clad in heavy-looking white clothes, with a shiled shaped like a book with an eye, a hat with an eye, and small sword that transforms. She is a well-reserved woman, coming from the Yayoi family of the Duodecim, which is known for its skill in Armgus. However, Tsubai has no knowledge of the siblings that came before her, being a child of incenst.

She is the best of friends with Makoto Nanaya, Jin Kisaragi, and Noel Vermillion, and also has a secret justice fetish. Her style is multibuttoned attacks, that have 4 different power levels. She will go blind after you fight Noel and finish the fight with her Astral Heat.

Haku-men: A lone samurai in white armor, long hair flowing behind him. No one has ever seen his face. He is powerful and relies on his Ookami Nox Nyctores. He believes in elimnating ebvil and is known to be a one wolf. His past is a mystery evben to him, but he is one of the Six Heros. His fighting style is Megatama fueled (thus meaning his Heat guage is Megatama guaged, so he will use heat with each special attack). He has no known friends, but has ties with the rest of the Six Heros.

Bang Shishigami: This is the "legendary" ninja of Ikaruga, and is the loudest man to live. His pride is monsterous, as is his love for justice and Litchi. He's musculy, and is clad in green with a very long red scarf and a HUGE nail one his back. He possess a Nox Nyctores known as Pheonix, which allows him to use fire attacks. He believes only in justice, and yells too much to be a ninja. His fighting style is odd, he often shouts his own attacks. He is Taokaka and Carl Clover's mentor, a vigilante, and Ms. Litchi's secret admirer. He holds a grudge against the NOL, mainly on Jin though.

Arakune: A formless bag slime with a white mask and fragmented speech. He is shapeless until he makes the bugs in his body hold him up along with endless amounts of bones. He is close to Litchi, and what his research lead to lead him to becoming what he is now. His real name is Lotte Carmine. His fighting style is attacks with his bones and bugs, and his Drive wil Curse anyone so he can swarm his enemy with bugs. His Astral Heat is pathetic though.

He is only known to like Litchi, and has ties to Kokonoe and Tager. He will always hunt Ragna for the Azure.

Carl Clover: A young boy of only 11 or 12, and the family Clover. He is a smart boy, a vigilante and has a big sister known as Ada, who is now the Nox Nyctores Deus Machina: Nirvana. His past is better in the shadows, having a horrible father( not abusive, just,,, off) who turned his mother and sister into machine-dolls. Now he searches to kill his father and turn his sister back. His fighting style relies very heavily on Nirvana, and he hates hearing someone call Ada Nirvana. He is friends with Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi, Litchi Faye-Ling, Bang Shishigami, and Taokaka. He is dressed in purple, a top hat, a long sleeve shirt, and shorts.

Rachel Alucard: A vampire of long age (yet permanent youth), she is a princesss in attitude, essence, mind, and existence. She has three servants known as Gii (a pig bat), Nago ( a giant shapeshifting cat that talks), and Valkenhayn R. Hellsing. She is a snob at times, yet she speaks her mind calmly, never mad. She is motherly towards Ragna, and treats him as if he was her son at times (not too motherly, but gives sage advice), and will smack him around if needed. She goes everywhere with Nago and Gii, using nago as her umbrella and Gii as a stress toy. She has long light blonde hair, and is always glad in a gothic dress with upside down red crosses on it. Ragan often calls her Rabbit, others call her a leech, and Hakumen alles her the observer.

Her friends are unknown, but she is allied with Jubei, and has enemies like Ragna, though she treats him like a child (who wouldn't, he actsn like on at times!). Her fighting style is not powerful, but tactical. She fights with lighting and wind, summoning a frog called George and tiny pumpkin. Nago and Gii are her key weapons. Gii is a small twit, whilke Nago is a calm cat with a protective heart for his princess.

Jin Kisragi: Ragna's "brother" and possessor of Nox Nyctores Yukianesa, a sword made of pure permafrost. His personality is cold, heartless, and he often lets Yukinesa tell him what to do. When this happens, he will become a killer. Yukianesa allows him to freeze the air, and create ice to fight with. He is clad in a blue inform (i'll have to provide pictures any way), and is a Major in the NOL Thamaturgical Squadron. He helped take over Ikaruga and is harold AS the Hero of Ikaruga, which lead to him being hated by Bang. He does not know he is loved by Tsubaki Yayoi, and his fighting style relies heavily on Yukianesa's power.

He shunned his allies, but he is friends with Noel, Tsubaki, Makoto, and somewhat Carl. He hates Hazama and fights with his brother A LOT. It is rumored that he bcomes Hakumen and goes back in time...

Makoto Nanaya: A hyper young lady with tons of energy, often seen climbing trees or knocking her opponents clean across the screen. She is forgetfu;, yet loving and will defend her friends to the death. She dressed very scantly, (total underbreast) and has a large squirrel tail and little squirrel ears. She's one of those people who is a bit perverted (since after you defeat Platinum in her Arcade story, she says its not time to embrace a new fetish), and will say unusual things. Her fighting style relies on her incredible strength, which allows her to literally send her foes FLYING.

She is Noel, Tsubaki, and Carl's closest friend, and will fight to the bitter end for them.

PLatinum The Trinity: A three souled loli thing that is beyond odd. She/he has two main personailities known as Luna ( a brash girl) and Sena (a quiet boy). Luna is loud, annoying , and insults people beyond comprhension. Sena will be calm and kind, often saying that Luna's a bully (which she is). They are sealed by the Nox Nyctores Arma Reborae: Muchorin, which steals their memories. They are dressed in a short skirt with a sleeveless shirt, and has a huge bell around their neck. They have long, puffy, drainbow-sih blonde hair that just seems crazy. When they fight, they rely on Mucorin's power.

However, twhen Trinity herself speaks up through them, she is calm and reserved., Muchorin seems have something to do with her becoming... cute. Her allies are unknown.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing: An old, kind, and reserved wolf Beastkin who transforms into a wolf. He is Rachel's servant, and one of the Six Heros. His butlerly attitude makes him a proper servant, and her seldom gets angered. His fighting style relies on kicks and partially transformed limbs. He i s dressed in a butler outfit, and has long grey hair. His wolf form is purple furred with a grey mane and tail. HIs allies are unknown, thoguh he and Hakumen do have their moments where they agree.

Mu-12: Kusanagi, the Successor of the Azure. She is heartless and hates all things, and will kill when ordered by Hazama (she only appears in CS2.) Her fighting style is weak and relies on the power of the God Slayer Sword Kusanagi. She is clad in little more than a small plate to hide her private area, and her chest is covered in little less than a cloth. She is a Murakumo, ans is similar to Nu/Lambda. She only has enemies.

And so on.

Anyone out there who is a fan?
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PostSubject: Re: BlazBlue   Tue 20 Oct - 11:39

I'm a great fan of the anime and games too. Nice to meet you ^^
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