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 Burn It Back Down ( open to two people )

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PostSubject: Burn It Back Down ( open to two people )   Sun 30 Sep - 11:57

    We're in Edenwald, Bronx, NYC, where a new sci-fi convention is opening up for the first time in southside's community center, called FanPop. Taking place a week before FanPop, some people have been given jobs, artists have been set up in booths around the building, and the final touches are being set up in the place. But the sponsors for FanPop seem to be hiding something, requesting that all employees be given immune shots several times before the event begins. It is unknown as to why, but everyone is too excited for the convention to care about it.

    Rules are that you must wait for each person to post before you reply. So person A posts, then person B posts after person A, and person C posts after person B. This is so people don't get lost and come back to find twelve replies having been posted in their absence.

    All you need to join is to give a brief description of your character, the job they hope to do and a link to the image of the character. For example, my character's name is Jen, and he's a 19 year old who is hoping to get a job as techie for the convention's numerous costume contests. He looks like this:


    A week before the convention, Jen walked down the sidewalk, clutching a beige and beaten, flat and altogether rectangular package in one hand. It had crumpled on one side, and the white corners of printer paper were just visible within. Jen walked confident - his arms swung and he took long strides across the sidewalk towards the southside community center, his expression calm as he crossed to one side of the street, dodging several cars on the way over. It was cloudy out, and smelled of rain coming soon, so Jen was trying to move quickly, trying to beat out the coming storm, his white hoodie's hood pulled over his head.
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PostSubject: Re: Burn It Back Down ( open to two people )   Wed 18 Feb - 13:22

name: erika freesmoor.
Age: 15
reason for being there: she is hoping to make her talent as a singer known overseas.
country of origin: Holland.
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Burn It Back Down ( open to two people )
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