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 Daily Challenges (black butler fanfic)

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PostSubject: Daily Challenges (black butler fanfic)   Fri 10 Aug - 14:54

Chapter 1:

Vivian’s P.O.V.
Sigh. Yet another drab day at Diamous Middle, the shittiest school in Texas, but hey, a girl needs her education. As I rounded the corner of the wretched school at exactly 7:20 A.M. on a lovely, humid, Friday morning, I saw my little clusterfuck of friends crowded around the only picnic table on campus, or, the only useable one. I saw my friends Jasmine and her sister Raven to the side with my friend Alex and her sister Cammie, deep in conversation about something that almost made Cammie cry, (she cries a lot) and made Raven clench her fists. As I walked toward them, they all looked at me with different expressions. ‘Fear, Sorrow, Curiosity, and Worry.’ Feh. They were always like that though. It made me feel left out, and they knew it. I just ignored them. Sometimes, it felt as if they were all in a private club. I gave up on them, knowing they wouldn’t tell me whatever was going on, and walked over to my friend Ariel Taylor, who was really clumsy, has had way too many boyfriends, and her life basically sucked because of her parents. I tuned in to what she was saying, and apparently she was all crabby because her Ex was going out with someone. All I could think the whole time I was listening was, ‘Why do you care? He’s your EX! Sometimes you people just don’t make any sense.’
At 7:30 the bell rang, and I ditched my friends and headed towards my locker on the second floor. As I reached the stair well, Cammie and Raven were waiting for me.
“Hey,” I said. “What’s up?” I looked at their hesitant faces and, still irritated from this morning, spat out, “Hey! Spit it out! Y’all are gonna make me late to home room!” My heavy Texan accent started to creep into my voice as it did when I got agitated. They knew this.
“Are you going anywhere this weekend?” Cammie asked with mild suspicion. Unfortunately for her, I knew that look, and it meant she was freaking out. She’s a good actress, but I was really good at reading people’s emotions. Something was up. Something huge.
“No. You wanna go somewhere?” I looked at her face again. “Why? What’s going on?”
“Nothing,” She said as she scrambled off, leaving me in dust. I’m not sure when Raven disappeared, but she wasn’t anywhere to be found either. I wish she would have stayed so I could ask her what the hell was going on.
‘2224, 2225, ahh ha!’ I made a stop at my shit-hole of a locker, and tried to stuff my school bag in without anything falling out, all to no avail. One of my fifteen million notebooks fell on top of sweet little Lenore’s head. I loved her. She was by far my favorite 6th grade kid in the school, and I tried to watch my language around her so I didn’t infect her with my bad mouth. Naturally she followed me everywhere.
“Oh, Hon, I’m so sorry!” she picked up the evil thing and handed it to me.
“It’s okay.”
She ran off to her class, as I should have been doing, but I kept digging in my bag. Finally I found my iPhone 4, and put it in the back pocket of the jean shorts I was wearing under my disgustingly sluttly khaki uniform skirt, and I stuffed my bag into my locker.
As I slammed the damn thing shut, I saw my boyfriend, Samuel Williams. (I called him Sammy, but he wouldn’t let anyone else call him that.) He came up to me and grabbed my waist. I looked up at his beaming smile and kissed him. He started to reach up my shirt, but I slapped his hand away. “Not now, okay?” I scolded him.
“What’s got you all pissy this fine Friday morning?” he emphasized the word “Friday,” but my mind was on other things so I didn’t think anything of it.
“Shut up, you asshole,” I said as I grabbed his hand and laced my fingers through his. As we arrived to Mr. Michealis’s room, he gave me a peck on the check and slapped my butt really hard. And of course I made a fool of myself by squealing.
“Happy Friday!” he yelled as he weaved though all the people to get to his own home room down the hall. ‘Of course!’ I thought to myself. ‘First Friday of the month. It’s Slap-Ass Friday’ I rolled my eyes and walked to my usual spot in Mr. Michealis’s room in the very corner next to the white board. I sat, and watched the rest of the kids in my class fill in.
I looked to my left, and became puzzled. There was usually a marker there for me to draw on the board since I never had anything to do in homeroom, but today there wasn’t one. Just as the bell rang, I glanced up to ask for one, but saw Mr. Michealis’s red eyes boring into mine. I flinched, and looked back up again. For a second, thought his eyes were red instead of the normal reddish-brown. I was about to walk up to his desk to ask for one, when he stood abruptly and said, “Ms. Fates, I need to speak with you privately.”
I frowned at this, because Mr. Michaelis was a pretty cool guy, (not to mention extremely good looking, but that was weird because I was fourteen and he was like twenty-five), but the last time he “spoke with someone in private,” that kid got expelled for something.
Nevertheless, I walked out of the room and towards his office. He followed close behind. When we got to his office, he shut the sound-tight doors and sat down.
“Vivian,” he started, “I promise to you that I am trying to be a good teacher to you, but I want to ask you a strange favor.” He paused, and I’m the look on my face said, ‘Wtf?’
“I need you to promise you will stay inside all weekend.” He saw my questioning look and shook his head. “I cannot tell you why, so do not ask.”
I looked up at him, seeing those strange red eyes again.
“Is something the matter?” he asked.
“Your eyes change color,” I said mesmerized.
He looked away, his eyes turning back to that shade of reddish-brown, and said quietly, “just stay home okay?”
“Alright,” I nodded confused. He tossed me a new marker from his desk drawer, and smirked.
I walked back to the class room, and sat in my usual seat again and sulked. Everyone one acting strange today, minus my stupid perverted boyfriend. Sammy could be such a dick sometimes, and other times he could be really sweet.
I was thinking about all this while I drew a large pentagram on the board, and big details and little details everywhere. When the bell rang I sighed I went to get an eraser.
“You can keep it up,” Mr. Michaelis muttered, distracted. “I like it.” He smirked at me again. He always liked what I drew on the board.
“Okay, Whatever,” I said as I picked up my mound of things for U.S. History and started to the door. Just as I walked out the door, I heard Mr. Michaelis whisper, “Be safe.” I stopped in the middle of the hall when it registered in my brain. Mr. Michaelis never said anything like that to anyone. There was something coming. Something big….

TA-DA! Should I keep posting chapters?
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Number of posts : 2
Age : 21
Job : Fanfiction Author
Credits : 11799
Registration date : 2012-08-10

PostSubject: BB fanfic   Thu 16 Aug - 11:02

Chapter 2:

Vivian’s P.O.V.
As I walked to first period with Ms. Turnwell, U.S. History, I saw Alex as her usual bubbly self skip through the shit ton loads of kids towards me.
“Hey, Viv!”
“Hi, Ali,” I sighed. “Ready for Ms. T?” I asked the shorty. She seriously needed to grow some.
She made a face. “I don’t know why you don’t like her class! She’s so funny, and the notes aren’t that bad!” I complained.
She looked at me. “Viv, they’re pretty bad.” I couldn’t argue. The notes were terrible. My mind wandered.
“Hey, Ali?’
“What’s going on with Rea and Cammie? They were acting really weird earlier.”
She suddenly got really serious, which didn’t happen all that often. “What did they say?”
“They just told me to stay home all weekend, but I can’t! You know I have the Summer Champs Swim Meet!”
She looked me square in the face, and I could see so many emotions swirling around in her expression, but when she spoke again, her expression settled at ‘ill at ease.’ “I’ve found it’s easier just to do what they say. They know best. C’mon. We’re gonna be late to class,” and with that she ran off and left me.
I asked myself, “What the hell is going on?” and I ran after her.
1st and 2nd period flew by, and during study lab my friend, Joie Speal, kept thinking something was wrong with me. Like myself, she was also really good at reading other people’s emotions. I just ignored her, so she knew I wasn’t going to say anything.
As I walked to the south patio for lunch, Sammy pulled me aside to a dark corner that you couldn’t see unless you were looking for it.
“Viv, what’s wrong?”
The first thing I thought was, Oh my gosh! We are in a dark corner, and he isn’t groping me!, but then I saw his panicked eyes and realized he was really worried about me, so I hugged him.
“Hon, it’s okay, something’s just up and I can’t quite put my finger on it and it’s bugging me, that’s all I promise.” I kissed him. “I’m sorry I worried you.”
“Let’s just go to lunch.”
We walked out to the patio and sat in our usual corner as we waited for everyone to arrive.
“Hey!” Jas said as she and Rae walked on the patio. They had the exact same schedules, so they were never apart, and they were always talking about something that no one else knew about to Cammie and Alex, and vice versa.
“Hello,” I said, pissed that they were being so secretive. Sammy grabbed my hand and I sighed. He hated it when I got angry, because I would take it out on whoever is closest to me, which was usually him.
“Sorry,” I whispered in his ear.
I tossed my lunch that consisted of one protein bar in the trash and Sammy handed me his Salt and Vinegar chips. He hated them, but he knew they were my favorite, so he brought me some everyday. Ariel, Dane, Travis, and Elyse walked over to us and started talking, and Alex and Cammie walked over to Rae and Jas, while I pulled out my iPod and listened to music with Sammy. The little group was having their secretive meeting, and kept shooting worried glances in my direction, and the bigger, louder, group was being their normal spazzy, idiotic selves.
But there was tension in the air.
I kept thinking, but nothing came to my mind. What was going on?
Why were they all acting as if someone was about to die?
“Vivian!!” Jas yelled at me. I flinched, as I snapped out of my thinking trance and found an empty patio before me. “Hurry up! We are gonna be late!” And with that she ran off, in fear of being late with Raven.
I stuffed my illegal electronic into my pocket and headed towards IPC.
When the final bell rang, signaling the end of the day, I grabbed my belongings from my hazardous locker and sprinted to the bus. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, so I sat in the very last seat on the bus and turned my iPod to full blast. Jas, Rae, Alex and Cammie all climbed on and sat in the middle of the bus.
They lived six, maybe seven blocks from my house, so sometimes I would bike to their house and do homework and stuff. As they got off I felt Rae’s gaze on my face, but I continued to stare at the falling snow, and they left.
Five and a half or so miles later, I got to my stop, and started the mile walk home. I came in through the back door, which lead directly into my room, and took off my cold soggy toms. And counted my money to make sure I had it all. I did. I changed into some jeans and put the money in my pocket. I would go buy dinner later.
“Mom! I’m home!!” No answer. Then I realized my little sister hadn’t come running to greet me. Something was wrong. I walked into the hall and the smell hit my nose. The smell of death and fresh blood.
I ran to my parent’s room only to find three dead bodies and three men completely covered in black. I then proceeded to hurl. One of them grabbed me but I shook him off. Another grabbed a gun and shot me in the shoulder. I screamed in pain, but ran out into the snow without any shoes.
I could smell my own blood, and it made me want to puke again, but I kept running. Then I felt another bullet enter my thigh, and I fell face first in the mud and snow.
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Daily Challenges (black butler fanfic)
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