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 hola... tis maxxie here

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Number of posts : 4
Age : 21
Adopted Family: : well.. their in massachuttes and im not.. sooo
Job : i'ma DJ xD but ive only been workin for a week :P
Credits : 13469
Registration date : 2011-03-08

Character sheet
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21/21  (21/21)

PostSubject: hola... tis maxxie here   Sat 12 Mar - 12:12

well im maxie :3 i'm not normal, deffently not . i am, indeed quite crazy. i love music, its my life ... i even have a braclet that says that. xD and whats with people latly?? people keep changing.. oh well Razz and like everyone i know keeps sayin that 2012 is starting from the earthquake and tunami that happend and other dissasters... well you know what? i don't belive that .. like seriously. and if it does happen, i promise you i'll be one of the last to go xD
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hola... tis maxxie here
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