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 Well hello I suppose...

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Roleplay God

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PostSubject: Well hello I suppose...   Sat 12 Mar - 9:53

Okay well for those of you...most of you who do not know me. I am a part of a few different roleplay websites. Probably none ya'll have heard of. The only one you might know is Max-Dan-wiz. I came here because the moderators were driving me insaine with all their rules. Plus, not a whole bunch of good roleplayers are ever on anymore. I will admit I do one liners at times but I LOVE to write longer posts. I enjoy a good roleplay with a unique plot. Although I do find myself in the common highschool drama or summer fun rp. I also like to do the werewolf/vampire rps IF they have a fun twist to them. I usually don't join the rps were they have the 'sparkling' vampires. Razz I would love if you want me to join any of your roleplays or would like me to check them out. I am new here and am actually only in one rp at the moment. If you have any suggestions I'd love to go over them.

I do try and get on often. It is a bit difficult when you're in highschool and the work keeps piling up. If I have a lot of homework I try to get on at least once a day to post. Probably I'll stay on for a few minutes if the other roleplayer is online. So! Anyways! Comment, ask question, uhmm..ask me to join a roleplay! I'll probably be on a lot today and tomorrow since I'm at my dads. Razz Anywhooo byee! Smile
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Well hello I suppose...
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